Weekend work: Time to trim hornbeam hedges


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* Trim hedges of 'Carpinus betulus' (hornbeam) this month, treating new hedges gently, cutting harder into established ones. Hedges and screens of 'Crataegus monogyna' (hawthorn) can be dealt with in the same way. If specimen trees of either kind need reducing in size, leave the work until winter when they are dormant.

* Deutzia, which flowers in June and early July with clusters of small, star-shaped flowers, either white or shades of mauve and purple, can be pruned immediately after flowering. The best way is to take out some of the old flowered stems entirely, cutting them down at the base of the plant. This will encourage the production of strong new shoots from the base. It also keeps the shrub within reasonable bounds.


* Garden designer Tom Stuart-Smith is opening his own place, The Barn Garden in Hertfordshire, to raise funds for an archive of garden design at The Garden Museum in London. Drop in for afternoon tea (2.30-5.30pm) on Monday, or 15 September; tickets £15. For more information, go to gardenmuseum.org.uk