Good mobile signal top of the must-have list for younger homehunters

Younger property hunters have distinct list of priorities in the latest housing boom

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Although transport links and council tax bands are important considerations for 18-24 year old homebuyers, a decent mobile signal tops their list of priorities, a new report suggests.

Research from mobile analytics RootMetrics also indicates that two thirds of all homebuyers or renters would consider changing their mobile provider if performance were poor at a new property. This figure rises to 77 per cent for the younger age group.

Nearly half of 18-35 year-olds  ranked mobile as the most important consideration when buying a new property, followed by crime statistics (21 per cent), transport links (18 per cent) and schools (17 per cent).

Overal, nearly half of those surveyed would reconsider buying or renting a home if they knew mobile coverage there was poor, not least because a similare number are currently having recurring problems with their mobile phone performance at their present home. 

"When searching for a property, whether it is to buy or rent, househunters often have a check list of important factors, such as location, number of bedrooms, size of rooms and outdoor space," said David Cox, Managing Director, Association of Residential Letting Agents.

"With the stress and excitement that comes with looking for a new home, many important factors can be left off the checklist. Often it can be these forgotten issues which can really deter your enjoyment in the property such as noise levels, access to parking, and mobile phone signal."