Homehunters still don't know about Help to Buy

Only three per cent confident that they fully understand the scheme

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Nearly a quarter of people have no idea what the Help to Buy scheme is, suggest a new report.

Around 22 per cent of the homehunters and homeowners questioned by removals specialists Bishop's Move said they had never heard of Help to Buy (or had heard the name but didn't know what it was).

A quarter of those questioned in the North East are still completely in the dark about the scheme compared to seven per cent in Yorkshire - where another 26 per cent were very unclear about how it worked - and six per cent in the West Midlands.

Overall, only three per cent of people said they were fully aware of Help to Buy’s benefits and have used or knew someone that has used the scheme.

Latest government statistics show that the various Help to Buy schemes have enabled 35,000 people to buy their own home since they were launched 14 months ago. The highest numbers of Help to Buy sales have been in Leeds (580), Wiltshire (506), Central Bedfordshire (458), Milton Keynes (417), and Peterborough (379)

"Help to Buy has certainly been making the headlines for some time there are yet pockets of home owners and property buyers across the UK that remain completely unaware of the scheme," said Chris Marshall, Sales & Marketing Director at Bishop’s Move.

"In order to improve local economies through the housing market, more needs to be done from a regional perspective to ensure people are fully aware of the many benefits Help to Buy can bring.”