Being handy can get men the girl, suggests research

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A new survey has suggested that women would rather date a guy who's handy with a tool kit than one with green fingers or one who's good with a spanner under the hood.

The survey, which was conducted by power tool maker Bosch in Britain, found that 37 percent of women wanted a man who is good at "do-it-yourself" (DIY) skills around the house, such as putting up shelving or mending broken fixtures.

That's compared to 34 percent of women who said that they liked a man who knew his way around a car engine and only 16 percent who wanted someone good at gardening.

Bosch's Chris Tidy said that "it's no longer about the flowers you buy or the chocolates you give them, but how good you are at putting up shelves."

Despite the fact that it could help make them irresistible to the opposite sex, only 38 percent of men said that they enjoyed DIY, citing failure as the most common reason.

To help, Bosch has joined other websites such as Instructables and in offering a DIY guide for beginners, providing simple instructions on how to make everything from a bed to a coffee table.

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