Budget case study: 'I'm still concerned about prospects for first-time buyers'


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Rebecca Saunders, 26, an investment executive, lives in Barry with her boyfriend David Rowden, 25, a computer design technician. They are hoping to buy their first house in the near future.

"There was nothing unexpected in this budget – I was under no illusions that the measures I wanted to see would be brought in. I understand that there's a deficit that needs sorting out, but I'd like to see more help for lower earners. I understand that they've got to make cuts but ideally most of it should come from the rich.

"I am most concerned about market conditions for first-time buyers. My boyfriend and I would like to get onto the property ladder but we are struggling. I wanted to see a continuation to the stamp duty holiday, but was disappointed.

"The Chancellor referred to the first-time buyer scheme that was launched last week. I want to see that extended to Wales and would also like to see it broadened so to include more properties – not just new-builds. I still hope to buy a property in the next two years, but it certainly won't be next year.

"On the personal tax allowance, if the cost of living keeps rising, I can't see that it will make many people feel much richer. In order for me to save, I need more disposable income. A freeze or cut in fuel duty would therefore have been welcome, but we didn't see it.

"I voted Liberal Democrat – the party may have been putting pressure on the Tories to look out for the working man with the personal tax allowance. But whether they are actually making a difference is hard to tell from the outside looking in."