Crumb lends his designs to Vans sneakers

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Legendary artist and illustrator, Robert Crumb, known for his Zap Comix in the 1960s, is letting his characters step out again on pairs of new special edition sneakers.

Vans' white canvas high-top, the Sk8-Hi Deconstruct shoe, features Crumb's Mr. Natural, a bearded mystic guru and con man ($60). From the Fritz the Cat comic, the adventurous feline is splashed across a classic Slip-On sneaker ($52).

California-based Vans makes sneakers popular with skateboarders and surfers. They also make snowboarding boots, BMX shoes and other extreme sports footwear. The sticky soled Slip-On was made famous by Sean Penn in the 1982 film Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Also known as R. Crumb, the cartoonist recently published a graphic novel of all 50 chapters of the Bible's Book of Genesis.