Design brand to unveil house at Design Miami

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Amsterdam-based design label Droog has collaborated with Japanese designers Bow Wow for a townhouse in the Dutch capital. A replica will go on show at Design Miami next month.

While Droog says the house's facade is "understated," the interior will be furnished exclusively with the label's designs that will "animate" the minimalist wooden floors and white walls.

Those items include the 1991 Ragchair and Milk bottle lamp by Tejo Remy, the Heat wave radiator by Joris Laarman and the Tile kitchen by Arnout Visser, Erik Jan Kwakkel, and Peter van der Jagt.

Overall, the so-called Townhouse will boast a space of 180 square meters that can be customized in layout. The designers are hoping that the seamless spaces of the structure will create a "unique combination of contact and independence, spaciousness and intimacy."

Droog's announcement follows the launch of Daniel Libeskind's first ready-made house that can also be modified based on clients' wishes.

Design Miami will take place December 1-5, coinciding with Art Miami, Art Basel Miami and Photo Miami, among others.