Design inspired by renewable energies presented at Saloni

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Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has created the Smart Grid Gallery, which showcases objects positioned between art and design, inspired by solar and wind energy.

Just in time for Earth Day on April 22, Hayon teamed up with Enel, an Italian company that produces and transforms energy, to illustrated renewable energy using design.

Besides Enel's projects, which include programs for control of CO2 emissions, 'intelligent'
LED streetlights and a campaign for urban electric mobility, its Smart Grids are "networks that, like Internet for information, allow everyone to interact and exchange energy, increasing efficiency and encouraging the spread of renewable energy sources."

For his Smart Grid Gallery, part of magazine Interni's Think Tank display in Milan, Hayon combined a luminous table powered by photovoltaic panels, a cabinet covered with propellers, and rotating vases - thus representing solar, wind, and nuclear energy.

Still: representation is well and good, but French designer Philippe Starck launched a garden-friendly wind turbine called Revolutionair earlier this year, designed to make a practical impact on people's everyday lives.