Design world turns its attention to Hong Kong gathering

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Shanghai's World Expo might have closed its gates at the end of October but organizers have been saying ever since that they hope the inspired architecture featured in many of the event's pavilions will leave a lasting legacy in the region.

And whether or not that might be the case will no doubt be among the hot topics under scrutiny at this year's Business of Design Week 2010 (, which will run at various venues across Hong Kong from November 29 - December 4.

The event features an array of international and local guest speakers - among them Thomas Heatherwick, who designed the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo, and Yu Zheng, who was responsible for the animated "River Scene at Chingming," featured to much acclaim at the China Pavilion there.

There will also be seminars and workshops that will investigate "the significant ways that Asian designers and design concepts are influencing the rest of the world,'' according to organizers the Hong Kong Design Centre.

The gathering is heavily promoted in the region as "Asia's leading annual event on design, innovation and brands,'' and is considered one of the leading gatherings of designing minds in the world, alongside the likes of the annual A Better World By Design conference (, held in the United States, and the Digital, Life, Design Conference ( in Munich.

Seminars throughout the week are hosted by international designers, architects, fashion personalities, "creative visionaries'' and executives from top international brands - and they are held in some of Hong Kong's iconic buildings, among them the historic Victoria Prison.

"The success and international reputation of BODW has fostered Hong Kong's growth as a global design hub. We are delighted to be partnering with Japan this year to celebrate the ways that Asian design is inspiring the rest of the world. With this year's line-up of design luminaries, business titans and thought leaders,

BODW 2010 will be an exhilarating week for all participants and attendees," Dr Edmund Lee, executive director of the Hong Kong Design Centre, said in a press statement.

Business of Design Week 2010
November 29 - December 4, 12am
Various venues, Hong Kong