Designer presents fan without blades

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James Dyson, known for his novel vacuum cleaner designs, has introduced his latest brainchild to much attention: the so-called Air Multiplier, a fan without blades or buffeting.

"It uses a unique technology to multiply air 15 times, and through unprecedented advancements in airflow engineering, expels 119 gallons of smooth and uninterrupted air every second," explains a press release.

Speaking to media representatives in New York on October 13, Dyson said that these "unprecedented advancements" were based on discoveries made during the development of his Airblade hand dryer, which can be found in many public restrooms.

According to Dyson, the novel fan -- changing a design that has been in place for more than 125 years -- removes buffeting and creates a more even air flow.

Present design media at the launch were fans of the fan, although they weren't sure if it was worth the $299 it will retail for.

The Air Multiplier is now available online.