Exclusive merchandise available at Comic-Con

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Limited-edition collectables to buy and trade are an essential part of Comic-Con International, the pop culture mega-convention in San Diego, July 22-25. Merchandise from more than 50 different companies this year includes special versions of action figures, toys, art, games, and gear.

For the fourth year, Warner Bros. Entertainment will provide 125,000 official totes to attendees to stuff with loot. The 11 designs feature images from its films and television shows, including Batman: the Brave and the Bold videogame and Clash of the Titans.

Other bags available at the Warner Bros. booth include best-selling DC Comics series Brightest Day, TV's Fringe, Nikita, The Vampire Diaries, and the upcoming The Looney Tunes Show, bringing back Bugs Bunny and friends to The Cartoon Network.

Besides the panels, presentations and film festival, on the exhibition floor many items at booths featured this year cover upcoming films and television shows as well as classics. There are Lots-o-Huggin' Bears from Toy Story 3 scented with strawberry, Ghostbusters goodies, Star Wars and A Clockwork Orange items. Priced from $5 to $105, fans will line up to purchase the limited runs while they last.

Here are some highlights:

Tron: Legacy returns with a strong presence at Comic-Con this year. Its merchandise features both vintage figures and new ones from the film coming in December (Disney Consumer Products $40 each, Production Run 1500). The production run on the Die-Cast Light Cycles is 3000 but priced at $5, they will vanish quickly.

Masters of the Universe: Mo-LARR and Skeletor (Mattel $50). One of the most sought-after items, this set is based on the comical animated television show Robot Chicken.

From Predator, a collectible Guardian 12-inch figure (Sideshow $184.99). Must be pre-ordered through http://www.sideshowtoy.com

Transformers' Autobot Blaster Special Edition Figure (Hasbro $49.99), an update on the original 1984 figure.

Batman Arkham Asylum: a battle-damaged Batman figure (Graphitti Designs $20), based on the video game. This company also is releasing 2000 each of White Lantern: Sinestro and Black Lantern: Hal Jordan.

Thundercats: Lion-O Polyresin Statue (Action Figure Xpress $60, Production Run 500).

Terminator 2: Liquid Metal T-1000 7-inch action figure (NECA $20, 1000).

Kick-Ass: Kick-Ass and Hit Girl by Mezco. The package of four contains two 6-inch comical figures and matching key rings.