Food and beverage viral video trend: Whopper Face, Heineken Concert and Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

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Here are three innovative grassroots campaigns that will make you feel great about craving a vanity Whopper that can be washed down with a cold Heineken or Coca-Cola.

The trend bloggers at Mashable and TrendWatch have been monitoring trends in ‘meaningful marketing' via viral videos of local product campaigns delivering mass appeal.

These top videos offer consumers bonus perks and even take the trend in DIY and personalized food products to a new level.

Coca-Cola - Happiness Machine
views: 2,019,622 since January 12
Check out what this is dispensing at an American university:

Heineken - Classical Concert vs Champions League
views: 457, 621 since March 13
A prank gone so right in Milan, Italy the evening of October 21 during the match of Real Madrid against AC Milan:

Burger King - Whopper Face 
views: 44, 232 since March 19
"Whopper your way" in Brazil comes with your very own personal imprint: