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A personality clash between buyers and sellers is a cause of almost 10 per cent of the deals that break down, says Knight Frank. Vendors are upset by buyers who dither: buyers resent people who sell a home knowing it to have problems. They suggest that owners get a pre-survey done, to give early warning of any pitfalls.

Sellers can be as indecisive as buyers, says Winkworth. At the first sign of trouble they withdraw their property from the market - or refuse even to put it up for sale until their offer is accepted on a new home. Not surprisingly, life is easier when someone buys after having rented. In South Kensington, Winkworth sells up to 10 per cent to those renting; in Kensington (swelled by overseas buyers) 50 per cent, and in Streatham, 50 per cent of those selling start by renting. Most people in this area are moving from flats to family houses, where there is the greatest shortage.