Forward thinkers and innovators discuss ‘what the world needs now’

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Speakers at the 2010 annual conference of Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) will turn common-place notions on their head this year, as they discuss the event topic of "What the world needs now" at TED 2010 in Long Beach, California.

The annual event is organised by TED, a non-profit organization that aims to spread ideas in the interests of global knowledge and inspiration. The conference seeks to showcase ideas and projects from the most creative minds in the world, highlighting topical discussions and providing forward-thinkers with an outlet for their sometimes-wacky, but always inventive ideas.

"What the world needs now is, in truth, something of a rethink," explained TED Curator Chris Anderson to Relaxnews on January 20. "Whether it's climate change, health care, or the sputtering global economy, you can't miss the sense of frustration and malaise. Public policy stumbles forward, ever more compromised and complicated, but there seems little to celebrate."

"At TED2010, we expect a different kind of conversation. We've lined up a spectacular group of speakers with the ideas to help us break out of this toxic tangle, ideas that are insightful, provocative, mould-breaking and inspiring. In the long run they can make a significant difference to our shared future."

Influential speakers at TED2010 include musician and artist David Byrne, singer and songwriter Sheryl Crow, philanthropist and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

TED2010 will be spread across four days, from February 9 to 13. Speakers at the conference will explore developments in new technologies, creative design, future concepts and economic innovation taking place across the world.

The conference is an invite-only event, but people all over the world can tune into free, live feeds broadcast over the internet to keep up to date with all the news.