Garden gadgets for the not-so-green-fingered

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A plant care solution for those that are not naturally green-fingered has been developed by Japanese mobile company DoCoMo.

The DoCoMo wireless garden sensor is shaped like a four-leaf clover and can simply be inserted into the soil close to where your plants are growing.

The device measures moisture, sunlight and soil conditions then transmits the data via wifi to a team of gardening experts. These experts will then analyze the data and inform the customer on how to best care for their plants.

The DoCoMo wireless garden sensor will be available on a test basis in Japan next year and is expected to retail for around €20.

A similar device known as the PlantSense Garden Growhas been created in the US. The device available from PlantSense is inserted into the ground next to your plants, and after analyzing the growing conditions the device can then be plugged into your computer and will provide the results of your soil conditions as well as horticultural growing advice via a specialist website.

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