Google and Apple top Good Brands report

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Google has topped a list of global "good brands" compiled by trend research agency PSFK and revealed this week.

The search giant pushed Apple into a close second place, winning praise from PSFK for "re-imagining what already exists and making it better" and "giving it away for free" amongst others.

Apple, meanwhile, was described as a "true game changer," creating its own categories (such as the iPad and iPhone) and motivating consumers to follow it. It is estimated that the much hyped iPad has now sold over 600,000 units, with the global release being delayed to meet US demand.

PSFK placed British chef Jamie Oliver in third place on its list, praising the charismatic cook for going further than just cooking well, helping to improve lives, build a community and "align around good."

PSFK doesn't rate its brands with any set fomula, but says that the top ten have "a penchant for imagination, innovation, environmental responsibility and social consciousness" in common.

Interestingly, not one on the PSFK list appeared in the top ten of a recent ranking from Swiss firm Covalence, which tracks ethical mentions of the world's largest brands in the media.

The Top Ten Brands
Data from PSFK

1. Google
2. Apple
3. Jamie Oliver
4. MIT
5. Ace Hotel
7. Nike
8. Twitter
9. Foursquare
10. Nintendo