Helping gardeners through a dry spell

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It its December issue, Popular Science magazine announces the results of its annual "Best of What's New" awards. Among the products honored is a unique solution to gardeners or farmers working in areas of dry ground.


The Best of What's New awards have been awarded by Popular Science for the last 23 years. This year the Waterboxx from Dutch company Groasis was chosen as one on of the most innovative products in the category of "green tech."

Scientists believe that deforestation and over-farming are directly linked to a decline in productivity in the world's arid and semi-arid lands, and studies conducted by NASA have found a link between deforestation in some parts of the world and a lack of precipitation in others. Groasis claims that its product can help alleviate the problems associated with farming in these dry areas, by helping plants survive long enough so that their roots can reach the water hidden deep below the surface.

The Waterboxx is fitted around a newly planted sapling and filled, just once, with 15 liters of water, which are then slowly filtered through to the growing plant. As well as being useful for farmers in areas suffering from deforestation a spokesperson for the company also claimed there were several orders from the dryer southern areas of Europe and the United States. Waterboxxes are available to buy online and start from 199.99€ from

Also in the Best of What's New category of "green tech" was the Philips Endura LED lightbulb and mobile phone recycling device ecoATM.

Gardening enthusiast will be able purchase the latest horticultural products at next year's Glee gardening show in the United Kingdom in Birmingham from September 9-21 -