Hongkongers learn about brands locally – but Twitter starts making its mark

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Like consumers the world over, Hongkongers can be a loyal bunch. Until, that is, something shiny and new comes along.

And that fact has been reflected by the latest study on just where the city's citizens turn to when they want to learn about brands and new technology online.

While the majority of Hongkongers still turn to local channels, more and more are chatting - and reading - about brands on the Twitter social network, with conversations about that topic rising on the site by more than 200 percent over the past three months.

That's according to the quarterly Digital Brand Index (DBI 10.2) a joint study just released by global public relations firm Edelman ( www.edelman.com/insights/) and the social media intelligence firm Brandtology.

The index "identifies the 'buzziest' brands, channels and topics driving online and digital trends and create insights for technology companies and marketers."

Edelman spokesman Andres Vejarano said the results highlighted Twitter's growing influence in the city.

"The top ten 'buzziest' channels show that local Hong Kong channels continue to be the most important online destinations for technology-related conversations amongst consumers, however Twitter's rapid growth firmly establishes its relevance in Hong Kong," Vejarano said in a press release.

"In many ways, it settles the debate about the long term future of Twitter as an influential and respected digital channel with applications for marketers. This will only continue to evolve as Twitter continues to implement its monetization strategies."

Two of the top 10 "buzziest'' topics of online conversation related to consumer research and discussion about notebook product releases, according to the press release, while Sony was the brand most people talked about, followed by Apple.

HK - Top 10 Buzziest Brands
(position, previous position, brand, number of brand mentions, percentage change)
1 ( 3) Sony 9,933 (47.37 percent)
2 ( -) Apple 8,750 ( -)
3 (2) Microsoft 8,208 (10.43 percent)
4 (6) Nokia 7,705 (44.75 percent)
5 (4) Intel 7,072 (13.48 percent)

HK - Top 10 Buzziest Channels
(position, previous position, brand, number of brand mentions, percentage change )
1 ( 1) HK Golden Forum (free gossip channel) 120,260 ( 37.77 percent)
2 (2) Twitter 103,987 (281.80 percent)
3 (5) Baby Kingdom Discussion (free chat) 9,998 (74.49 percent)
4 (9) Discuss HK - Local & Global News 9,425 (152.01 percent)
5 ( 3) EYNY Discussion Forum - Software 8,423 ( -0.03 percent)