Hot 'how to' video tutorials: DIY home renovation

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Is your house looking a little tired? Give it the makeover you have always dreamed of using these helpful videos as inspiration.

How to: remodel your kitchen on the cheap, give new life to an old bathroom, paint your kitchen cabinets, recaulk a bathtub or shower, frame a wall, install a clothing rod, repaint your furniture, replace a faucet, strip paint off your old furniture, glaze a window, hire a contractor, and spot a dishonest contractor via Howcast videos.

How To Remodel Your Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune

How To Update a Tired Bathroom

How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

How To Recaulk a Bathtub or Shower

How To Frame a Wall

How To Install a Clothing Rod

How To Repaint a Piece Of Furniture

How To Replace a Faucet

How To Strip Paint Off Of Furniture

How To Glaze a Window

How To Hire a Contractor

How To Spot a Dishonest Contractor