Indian door wins architects' international recognition

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A residential door in Surat, India has caught the judges' attention at the Architectural Review, winning one of the publication's four Emerging Architecture prizes.

The spectacular wooden door, which was designed by Matharoo Associates, belongs to a diamond merchant's residence in Surat.

Comprised of 40 individual sections of teak wood, the more than five-meter high and almost two-meter wide door can be rotated into different curved shapes depending on its owner's taste.

Even though Matharoo only submitted the door for the competition, the judges agreed that the corresponding 1700-square-meter residence is host to various other praiseworthy features such as a light-emitting wall.

Other winners of the annual award recognizing the best in young international architecture include Li Xiaodong Atelier's project for a school in the Fujian Province of China, ODOS Architects' scheme for a friary extension in Ireland, and Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia's sports research center in Spain.