Innovative solar-powered pest control

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Traditionally garden pests have been deterred through the use of environmentally harmful chemicals. However all that could change with the invention of a solar-powered pest control device developed by South Korean firm Eco Solatec.

The company's newly developed Solar Trap uses a specially adapted lamp to attract common pests such as mosquitoes, moths and mayflies - after being attracted to the solar-powered lamp the pests are then propelled by a fan into a net. The developers claim that the device is entirely self-powered and emission-free.

Though the device is currently only in use at the International Rice Research Institute, headquartered in the Philippines, the Solar Trap could have widespread practical applications outside of agriculture - being used on golf courses, in public parks or even potentially in private gardens.

Other solar-powered pest control devices include The Solar Underground Pest Deterrent which repels pests such as moles or voles and retails online for around €26, The Solar Mole Chaser from Taylor Gifts (€12) and the solar-powered Repell Electronic Rodent Repeller which retails for between €14 - 45.

Repell Electronic Rodent Repeller

Solar Mole Chaser

Environmentally friendly pest control devices are also available from