Israeli contemporary design on show in Toronto

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While Israel's most famous designer, Ron Arad is traveling the globe with his Restless exhibit, some of the country's other leading designers are gearing up for a special display at the Canada Design Exchange.

From Mediterranean Traditional to Israeli Contemporary Design opens March 5 at the Toronto-based design museum, featuring 60 pieces by various Israeli designers.

"Israeli culture combines many diverse influences, which offer an often difficult, yet fruitful ground for creativity, resulting in wide ranging and high quality designs," the organizers said. "[Israeli design] traditions include a vivid sense of humour, a rejection of bourgeois ideas of beauty, and a cunning use of new and used materials."

Among others, participating designers include Alon Razgour, who also curated the exhibit, as well as Ezri Tarazi, Animi Causa, Umamy, VONS, and the M.G.A Design Studio, Relaxnews was told.

The exhibition runs through June 20. Tickets are $10 (concessions: $8). The Design Exchange is also running a promotional contest that will give away two tickets to Israel.