New documentary brings Norman Foster to the big screen

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British arts consultancy Art Commissioners has premiered How much does your building weigh, Mr. Foster? at the Berlin Film Festival, aiming to excite far more than "just" the design buffs.

"It also speaks to the specialists and the priesthood of design, but it's not just for them," producers Elena Ochoa and Antonio Sanz said of their documentary. "It speaks to everybody who has ever been excited by a work of art, or who has understood that some spaces have special qualities that others do not share.

"It's for everybody who has been excited by the daring of a bridge, jutting out into space, or by the spectacle of a skyscraper that can define the identity of a city."

The film follows British architect Norman Foster, the creator of the Beijing airport, the Berlin Reichstag, the New York Hearst building and the world's tallest vehicular bridge, the Millau Viaduct in France, documenting his work in a cinematic style.

"It tells the story through images. Key projects are filmed in detail, conveying the movement of sunshine across the atrium of the Hearst Tower, the exhilaration of crossing the heights over the Pont Millau through early morning mist, [...] or how the restoration of the German parliament becomes the symbol of a reunified nation. The experience of moving through each of these spaces shows what makes them special," the producers said.

How much does your building weigh, Mr. Foster? is the first feature film dealing with the architect and will be the beginning of a series of films on art and culture personalities by Art Commissioners.

Clips of the movie can be watched at here, here, and here.