New site lets shoppers vote on design of future products

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Newly launched Fashion4Home ( is setting out to democratize interior design.

After several fashion designers including Dolce & Gabbana have repeatedly called on their social media followers for feedback and design input, Fashion4Home is opening its gates to the public on a grander scale.

The new platform - specializing in innovative but universally appealing furniture - is based on interactive features, letting the community vote on each product design: visitors to the site can share their favorite (or least favorite) items via Facebook or Twitter, telling others exactly what they love or hate about them, providing instant feedback to the designers and directly impacting on production.

Later on, shoppers receive a 10 percent discount on the furniture they voted on.

The concept, which has been integrated in similar ways into clothing e-commerce, is the logical development of the opinion of bloggers impacting on stock ranges.