Parisian design collective recreates teenager bedrooms from past decades

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During professional skateboarder Tony Hawk's visit to Paris in November, the newly founded Fandango Project set up an installation at the Grand Palais that let visitors travel through time via teenagers' bedrooms.

An initiative by surf and snowboard brand Quiksilver, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, the exhibition - called I was a teenager in the..., aimed to "tell the 40 year history of Quiksilver through the eyes of a teenager, nostalgia and time travel."

As a consequence, the rooms showcased the brand's genuine surfboards from their respective eras together with other interior elements representing the decade's youth culture, such as funky wallpaper in the 1970s or Star Wars merchandise in the 1980s, complete with corresponding wardrobes.

The two-day event to mark Quiksilver's anniversary saw performances by world-renowned DJs including Bob Sinclar and the Beastie Boy's Mix Master Mike as well as by leading graffiti artist Andre. 'Models' including professional surfer Kelly Slater paraded down a runway in the brand's latest outerwear before the star of the event, Tony Hawk, staged a skateboard performance alongside daughter Kadence.

Fandango Project, which describes itself as an 'anti-crisis movement,' consists of designers NOCC, graphic artists Substance, photographers including Ami Sioux, stylist Hannah Buhyia and clothes designers such as Theodora.

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