Jump rabbit, jump rabbit, jump jump jump: Showjumping bunnies star at London Pet Show


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No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The accompanying picture is indeed a showjumping rabbit, taking part in an agility test at the London Pet Show, which took place at the weekend.

Who knew that bunny athletics was a thing? Well, quite a few people actually, since Kaninhop, as it’s known, has been around since the early Eighties. Invented in Sweden, other countries have subsequently hopped on the bandwagon, and it’s no surprise when you watch the rabbits in action – these carrot-botherers get some serious air.

However, before you drag Flopsy outside to put her though her paces, it’s important to remember that the rabbits at the show were trained professionals flown over especially from Sweden for the event.

While the RSPCA says that “showjumping can provide good physical and mental stimulation for rabbits and can increase their fitness”, it also warns that “we would not recommend showjumping for every rabbit” and advises would-be bunny trainers to ask their pet’s vet. Hop to it though – there might be a champion hiding in your hutch.