Pet of the week: The puggle

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Aaah, he's so cute. What type of dog is he? A puggle, the fashion-forward crossbreed du jour. First they brought you labradoodles, then it was cockapoos, and then there was the terrier crossed with a bulldog, known as a terribull. The puggle is the latest litter in an ever-growing kennel of crossbreeds. As with all things fashionable, one is left thinking, "Whatever next?"

Where does the puggle come from? They were originally recognised as a crossbreed in 2000, when the breeder Wallace Havens of Wisconsin mated a beagle female with a pug male. A fun-sized legend was born.

What makes the beagle/pug cross so appealing? The pug has always had a snout for fun and mischief, a sense of playfulness which belies his rather gruff-looking face, while the single-minded beagle is top dog when it comes to hunting, a smart hound with a keen sense of smell. Together, they make for a loving, intelligent pet with the best traits of both animals.

So why has it suddenly become so fashionable, darling? It looks adorable, it behaves like a dream, your friends will coo over it and throw you lots of compliments, and the chances are it will still be turning heads this time next year. In fact, it is the canine equivalent of the Little Black Dress.

So who would own one of these? OK, mind your feet 'cos I'm about to start dropping names: Kelly Osbourne, Uma Thurman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sylvester Stallone, and that's not the half of it. To find out who the puggle chooses to hang out with, visit

Where can I get my hands on one? Seriously, there are health issues to consider – even the pug has certain breathing problems associated with its stubby muzzle, and as with all crossbreeds, you never know what character traits of which animal you will end up with. But they are in more demand than an Hermès Birkin bag, so if you are determined, contact