Pet's Corner: How can I stop my dog ruining my new lawn?

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I have a client who has just spent a lot of money on a garden and is very concerned that his dog (a bitch) will ruin his new lawn. I've told him to dilute the urine by watering the area immediately afterwards but is there anything else he can do so he doesn't have to police his dog's toilet habits every day? Cleve West, Surrey

As my esteemed colleague Cleve West will know, when people have beautiful gardens, they will often have a dog to ruin it. This does not have to be so. You can have a landscaped garden which is not off limit to your pouch. With your client having a bitch they may think - as many people do - that the problem of grass burns is high in female dogs. The reason is the way your dog urinates. Males normally wee up onto a vertical surface while females usually relieve themselves on a horizontal area and particularly like to do it on grass. The grass burns occur because the grass can not process all of urine at once. If you dilute the urine with water it will give the grass time to recover. However, we don't have time or patience to wait for our own dogs to eliminate.An easier solution would be the use of dog rocks. These are all natural minerals from Australia which help your lawn cope with the fertilizer in your dog´s urine so it does not leave brown patches on your grass. Available from

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