Pets' corner: Let sleeping dogs lie

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I recently read an article advising people not to let their pets sleep in their beds or bedroom because as owners we can catch diseases from them. Is this true and where do you let your dog sleep? Clementine, Norfolk

My previous dog always slept on my bed, a very good friend of mine let six generations of dogs sleep on her bed; the head nurse at my local vet has her pug and her cat on her bed and says she wouldn't be without them. Of course, dogs and cats can pick up some diseases as they roam outside, but as long as owners are aware and take their pets to be checked and vaccinated regularly, it needn't be a problem. Personally, if my dog sleeps on my bed, I clean his feet after a walk, make sure that the furry private parts are kept clean and also that he has a bath at least once a month so that he smells nice and fresh. Some owners are not concerned about this. And others wouldn't dream of letting their pets into the bedroom. Certainly, there's a plus side to keeping them out: no hairs on the bed, no six o'clock wake-up call at the weekends – and "accidents" would happen outside your bedroom. Still,it seems that the pros far outweigh the cons. Give me that waggie tail any day. What a wonderful thing to wake up to – the first thing you get to see in the morning is your furry best friend!

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