Pets' Corner: What are the red patches on my poodle?

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My poodle returned from the groomers with a red patch on his tummy which is very sore and he will not let anyone touch him. Do you know what this is and how can I help him feel more comfortable? Lenie, Canada

It is so distressing when our pet is in pain and we don't know what the cause of it is or how to help them. Don't be alarmed by your pooch's irritation. It can be a problem that arises after a visit to the beauty parlour. The red patches on your dog's belly are known as razor burns. If the groomer lets the blade of the clippers get too hot it can result in this type of burn. It can also happen if the skin is very sensitive and dirty.

You should let your groomer know what has happened so they don't let it happen again. This type of mistake can occur only once. If it recurs, I would consider changing groomers. The rash is only temporary. If it is a severe case, it will blister and in this case you should take him to the vet. They will prescribe something to soothe his pain. Try and stop him from licking and scratching it since that will make it much worse. This is easier said than done, but if you have cold compresses, you can apply it to the affected area to relieve the burning sensation. I hope your poodle gets better soon!