National Pet Month 2010: 21 years of celebrating pets and people

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National Pet Month (NPM), 3 April - 3 May 2010, is celebrating its 21st birthday. Thousands of people will be celebrating life with their pets at hundreds of events up and down the country. While many of these events will raise funds for local animal charities, National Pet Month is not just about fund raising. It is also all about raising awareness of how pets makes peoples’ lives better, and how we can repay the pets we love by really looking after them responsibly.

Last year saw National Pet Month become the most successful to date with well over 450 events and at least £64,500 raised for more then 35 animal charities.

Phil Sketchley, chairman of NPM said: “National Pet Month was so successful in 2009 we are looking forward to the month-long 21st birthday celebrations in 2010."

“National Pet Month is an opportunity for us all to learn more about responsible pet care so we can enjoy our pets for many years to come. By following our 10 top tips below, our animals will enjoy healthier and longer lives,” explained Phil Sketchley.

NPM is a unique charity which brings together the work of animal welfare charities, professional bodies, pet businesses, schools, youth groups and pet lovers with the common goal of promoting responsible pet ownership whilst celebrating the bond between people and their pets.

To join in and become a supporter, whether by setting up an event yourself or to see what’s on in your area, visit our website .

Top Ten Tips for Responsible Pet Ownership

1. Think carefully before getting a pet and learn about its special requirements.

2. Ensure your pet is sociable and well trained.

3. Provide a nutritious and well balanced diet.

4. Provide suitable housing and bedding.

5. Clean up after your pet and worm it regularly.

6. Protect against disease. Your vet can provide you with advice.

7. Prevent unwanted litters and neuter your pet when appropriate.

8. Groom your pet regularly.

9. Control your pet and ensure it is properly identified.

10. Take out pet insurance for dogs, cats, rabbits and horses to cover against unexpected veterinary fees and third party liability.