Dog unhurt after 80ft mineshaft plunge

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A cocker spaniel named Nell fell 80ft down a mineshaft and escaped unscathed, the RSPCA said today.

The four-year-old spent two days at the bottom of the mineshaft in Dyserth, near Colwyn Bay, North Wales, after she went missing during her morning walk last Sunday.

Nell's owner, Peter Bell, spent two days searching for her and it was not until the Tuesday, after he had heard about disused mineshafts in the area, that he managed to find his beloved pet.

Five RSPCA officers were drafted in to help before animal welfare officer Mark Roberts was lowered into the mineshaft by rope to rescue Nell.

He said: "We were so happy that Nell was rescued alive and well after such a dangerous fall.

"It was a difficult rescue in bad weather conditions. There was debris and barbed wire at the top of the mineshaft and after falling such a distance her owners were aware that she could have been seriously injured.

"When Nell was released she was running around, wagging her tail, clearly alive and well. It is truly remarkable that she escaped uninjured."

Mr Bell added: "It is hard to put into words how I feel, I am still in a state of shock.

"When officers opened the bag and she ran out I couldn't believe it, it was a miracle.

"Our vets, who have given her the all clear, can't believe it either. Other than being a bit shaken and bruised she is back at home, happy and well."