Guide dog for the dog

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A guide dog who had his eyes removed after developing glaucoma has been provided with his own guide dog. Edward, an eight-year-old Labrador, had been at the side of Graham Waspe, a partially sighted man from Stowmarket in Suffolk, for six years. After Edward lost his own sight in October, Mr Waspe decided to keep him as a pet and the pair are now led around by another Labrador, two-year-old Opal.

Mr Waspe said that he and his wife had worried about Edward's happiness when they found out he would lose his sight.

"If it was a person or a child at least you could explain to them what was going to happen," he said. "In the case of an animal of course you can't, so we both found that side of it very traumatic."

However, Mr Waspe told the BBC that Edward's companionship with Opal has kept him going. "They've become quite good friends and they get along happily together. There are certain times when Opal will help and Edward is happier by having another dog."