Pedigree dogs - timeline of controversy

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This is a timeline of the controversy surrounding the breeding of pedigree dogs resulting in the publication of today's report.

* August 2008 - A BBC documentary claimed pedigree dogs are being bred and shown with debilitating genetic diseases.

* September 2008 - The RSPCA announced it was pulling out of Crufts over concerns about the welfare of pedigree dogs and called for new measures to tackle disability, deformity and disease among pedigree breeds.

* October 2008 - The Kennel Club announced it would review every pedigree breed in the UK amid concerns about genetic diseases.

* December 2008 - The BBC suspended coverage of Crufts, pending further investigation into the health and wellbeing of pedigree dogs in the UK.

The BBC had broadcast the show, which now attracts more than 27,000 dogs and more than 150,000 visitors to the NEC Birmingham over its four-day run, every year since 1966.

* February 2009 - Animal charity The Blue Cross said it would attend Crufts to give guidance to pet owners concerned about the health and welfare of pedigree dogs.

Later that month, the RSPCA published research showing breed specifications laid down for dogs appearing in shows such as Crufts can lead to disability, behavioural problems and pain.

* January 2010 - Professor Sir Patrick Bateson publishes his report into whether current breeding practices damage the health of pedigree dogs.