Surgery sorts out sex-change dog

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A sex-change dog born with male and female organs is looking for a home.

Georgie, a Staffordshire bull terrier cross, was abandoned as a stray after suffering the extremely rare hermaphrodite condition.

Visitors to Manchester Dogs Home would "fall in love" with the dog, believed to be aged around two - but be put off by her split identity and no one wanted to give her a home.

Now surgeons have transformed Georgie by removing her male organs - turning Georgie into a bitch.

Lisa Graham, 35, manager at the home, said: "People would see her and were quite attracted. When we explained the condition she had and she would have to come back to us for surgery, they were repulsed - it was not the surgical aspect, it was the condition."

Ms Graham said the vet at the home, which takes in 7,000 strays each year, has been looking after animals for 30 years - and has only ever seen one other case like Georgie's.

An adoption fee of £70 is payable for anyone looking to give Georgie a new home.