Why Karl Lagerfeld's kitty Choupette is feline good


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I've always thought that my cat Mitten has quite a fabulous life. He has a posh fleece blanket to sleep on, myriad catnip-filled mice to play with, a garden full of wildlife to slay and a rather handsome Alessi food bowl. Twice a day, said bowl is filled with the kind of cat food that has a pampered Persian on the packet (rather than a tabby scamp). He's even on the moggy version of Facebook – Catbook.

But Mitten's positively hard done by compared to Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's feline companion, who has two maids to look after her, eats breakfast and supper at the dining table and has her own iPad to play with (which knocks Mitt's toy mice into a cocked snook). Lagerfeld revealed all about his pet in an interview with WWD this week and now Choupette has her own Twitter account (@choupettesdiary). Damn that cat: even her social-media status is higher than Mitten's, with 2,433 followers to his three Catbook friends.

That's one hell of spoilt cat.