Chemical burn cat gets new fur coat

A cat which suffered chemical burns to 60 per cent of its body causing its black-and-white fur to fall out is recovering and its coat is growing back.

Beware of the royally spoilt dogs

Who's a naughty boy, then? The Queen's corgis stand accused of attacking Max, a Norfolk terrier belonging to her granddaughter Princess Beatrice, almost tearing the 11-year-old pooch's ear off.

Pampered pets UK!

Owners would rather spend less on themselves than let their cats go without

Madison Square Garden has really gone to the dogs

New York's Madison Square Garden, a name more closely associated with basketball giants and rock 'n' roll legends, is again holding a sell out crowd this week. But the stars of the show are Jack, the Yorkshire Terrier, and 2,499 of his friends.