Pet shows Britain is littered with brave owners

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Although it was the moggies who were up for awards at the weekend's Supreme Cat Show at the Birmingham NEC, I reckon the owners who took them there probably deserved a prize … for bravery.

The idea that anyone in their right mind would try to take a majestic beast such as Mr Bojangles, pictured – all sharp edges and disdainful stare – pop him into a cat box and cart him to the Midlands is one that makes this cat owner quake. Think of all those baleful blinks! Think of the hair balls! The quantities of kitty litter required! The hissing! (and that's just the breeders).

As I say, I hope they all took something away from the day, other than a good clawing at the paws of a prizefighter – or its owner. So I'd like to congratulate supreme grand champion Gemkin Starwind on his big win – and owner and breeder Jenny Nicholas for her supreme bravery.