Photo MIAMI set to coincide with Art Basel Miami Beach

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The international fair of photo-based art, videos and new media will return again to Miami from December 1-6, but this time with a new location.

The fourth annual fair is entitled A Year of Magical Thinking and will coincide with the Art Basel Miami Beach, the most prestigious art show in the United States. It will be the only major, international photo-art gallery in the show.

The exhibitors hail from around the country and globe: New York, Miami, Germany, Spain, Puerto Rico, China and Italy will all have a presence at the fair. There should be enough room for all of them in the new, 30,000 square foot venue located on 34th and North Miami.

"This year of global economic turmoil has shaken our sensibilities while reminding us that safety is an illusion, that crisis is an opportunity, and that art is not an expression of safety; it's expression of being alive," said photo MIAMI curator Charles Guice.