Jade Jagger models a new career in property

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Jade Jagger, the rock chick jewellery designer and model, is to enter the cut-throat world of property development.

The daughter of Rolling Stones lead singer Sir Mick has teamed up with John Hitchcox, the co-founder of Manhattan Loft Corporation, to build what they hope will be thousands of trendy urban flats in the US, UK and Far East.

"The flats will be feminine, luxurious and modern. They will be cosy but will incorporate the themes that I love in loft living," said Ms Jagger, who will design the interiors.

Ms Jagger, along with her design partner, Tom Bartlett, will be minority shareholders in a new company, Jade Jagger for Yoo. It follows an earlier joint venture between Mr Hitchcox and designer Philippe Starck, under the Yoo brand. In four years, the pair have developed 4,000 apartments with an estimated value of $2bn (£1.1bn) in 15 countries.

Mr Hitchcox said: "The venture with Jade could be at least as big. In Jade we have the most celebrated designer in the world. If I'd ask you who is the number two designer then you'd have difficulty answering. That is because there is a vacuum."

Mr Hitchcox and Ms Jagger believe that the US market offers the greatest potential for growth, because they consider that a lot of urban residential property development is poorly designed.