Me And My Home: Pop-culture princess

Fashion maven and Voyage co-owner Tatum Mazzilli talks to Dominic Lutyens
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Tatum Mazzilli lives in a four-storey house in Wandsworth, south London, with her boyfriend Alessandro, her mother Louise and brother Rocky. With her father Tiziano, they co-own the fashion boutique Voyage Directed

Our house has a black façade that's provoked a lot of controversy. A housing officer from Wandsworth Council has had hundreds of calls complaining about it, and pressuring us to repaint it. But a white façade would be so boring. There are plenty of pink houses in London but, for some reason, that doesn't rile people.

"Its interior very much reflects our tastes as a family and the style of our clothes. Our current collection has a 'vampish flapper' theme, and uses lots of devoré, chiffon, astrakhan and hand-beading in the rich, velvety colours we love. We painted the living room in deep crimsons together with a military khaki. We painted the entire walls - skirting boards, light switches and all - but left the marble fireplace as it's so beautiful. The floor used to be a dull parquet, so we painted it blood red.

"When we moved in five years ago, the living room was divided up by Roman villa-style columns loosely dividing the room into two, which we ripped out to create a more open-plan space. We've now got two gloriously glam Forties lamps crowned with clusters of lights that decorated our old Fulham Road shop and, before that, Paris nightclub the Lido. And there's a screen depicting breast-baring geisha. It used to be in the old shop, too, but some customers moaned that it was too risqué, so we took it home. There are wall lights made out of plastic recycled canisters that glow like traffic lights, with wire, insect-like legs, made by French designer Regis, bought from the Selfridges concession, Ogier. One wall is dominated by a TV plasma screen. We love watching sitcoms like Friends and Will and Grace. Otherwise, it blasts out our favourite music - R'n'B - courtesy of MTV.

"A galley kitchen used to run along one wall, but we swapped it for a more compact one. We're always eating out, at places like Nobu and Alessandro's restaurants Cedar Lounge and Matriciano, so keeping that theatre kitchen would have been ridiculously excessive.

"My mother lives on the top floor. Her taste, relatively speaking, is for cleaner lines - she has a simple Balinese bed and geometric Perspex furniture. But that stark modernity is leavened by the crazy, kitsch touches we all love. There are Teletubbies and a giant obelisk-shaped Issey Miyake scent bottle on her mantelpiece. Rocky's bedroom, on the floor below hers, is very gothy. He once came home drunk and decided, on impulse, to daub the walls with skeletons and slogans like 'Drugs or fame?' He's got a collection of limited-edition Coke bottles displayed on a stepladder and an Edward Scissorhands doll fixed to a mirror.

"Although we all live under one roof, we keep out of each other's hair. We phone each other on our mobiles rather than bother with climbing stairs. I have what feels like a self-contained flat in the basement. Most people wouldn't choose to live in a basement, but I like having access to the garden, which is very Zen-like except for two jokey plastic seats by Philippe Starck in the shape of conventional sofas.

"While Rocky's room is gothy, mine is flashy, kitsch and pop. It's decorated in reds and pinks. I've got a full-length Sixties mirror with a pink frame that lights up, a coffee table shaped like a brick and a floor-level chair in the shape of a foot, from B&B Italia. I've also got a fishtank which I find very calming, though I doubt the fish would agree - there are Day-glo pebbles in it. There's a print of a portrait of the Queen, by Warhol, by my bed. It's not a patriotic homage to her. I just love the way it's dusted with glitter. At the end of my bed, I've got a lipstick-red, lip-shaped sofa often strewn with handbags - I've got 500 in all. An outfit is never complete without glitzy accessories.

"The door to my bathroom was once in plain old wood. I thought why not make it really fun, so I covered it with Astroturf and plastic rosebuds. There's another door at the end of the bathroom encrusted with Swarovski crystals and casino-sized dice. The loo seat is made of clear resin with Jelly Babies trapped in it.

"Like Rocky, I collect bottles - I've got a champagne bottle designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier shaped like a corset in rubber. A friend spotted it in a duty-free shop in Ireland and bought it for me. Fortunately, Alessandro shares my love of kitsch. Whenever I go shopping for him, I always pick out flashy outfits. Minimalism horrifies me. I hate the idea of people tiptoeing about, worrying that their fingerpints might leave smudgy marks on glass or that they might break china. But none of us pander to that type of neurosis."

Voyage Directed by Tatum and Rocky, 50-51 Conduit Street, London W1 (020-7287 9989)