My Home: Tanya Sarne

At the home of the founder of the Ghost fashion label, clutter is something to be celebrated
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My bedroom is where I spend most of my time. It's a bit like a bedsit really. There's a pink sequined Ghost quilt on the bed, and more quilts on the chairs.

I have recently stopped smoking and whenever I crave a cigarette, I go over to my new computer and read my e-mails. It's an activity that I don't associate with smoking, because I only worked out how to use a computer recently. The table that I sit at in my bedroom is made from a 1in-thick piece of glass from the 1960s - you wouldn't find glass that thick these days - held up by some wood I found in a skip. There's also a lovely Bechstein piano, which desperately needs love and attention.

When I bought this house in 1995, it was divided into two flats. I liked the feel of it when I first saw it - the trees give it a secluded entrance and there's a nice open, American feel inside. I didn't buy the top floor until a few years later. My style is bohemian with an LA influence, because I spent a lot of time there. I can't afford really expensive paintings, so I get big mirrors instead.

I've lived all my life here in Ladbroke Grove. It's the centre of my universe. I can't find my way around the rest of London, and I get dreadfully lost in the East End. It's very convenient living here, and only a four-minute drive to my office from the house - I hate wasting time travelling. My son has a business nearby, on Portobello Road, and he has given me a grandson. I'm also near to where my mother and father are buried. I also have a house by the sea in Ramsgate, when I need some fresh air.

This is a warm, comfortable house. I can't bear those interior-designed homes where everything is matching. I have bought bits and pieces for the house over the years, when I've had the time and the money. There's furniture and lighting from the 1930s to the 1960s.

I've turned three rooms into one very large pool room with a bar. I can't tell you how many parties I've had up there. I love the 1960s shop mirror with its pink light behind the pool table, and the nice old 1940s chairs. The harp chairs, made of wood and string, are very comfortable, but one of my favourite pieces is the card table, with four chrome ashtrays built in, and with one side for poker and the other for bridge.

There's a spiral staircase here that leads up to an attic bedroom at the top of the house, where I do yoga every morning with my yoga teacher. I've just learnt to stand on my head.

The kitsch open-plan kitchen, where I have impromptu dinner parties, was designed by Ted Walters, who helps me with all the Ghost shops. The cupboards are made from an old school roof, and the large rubber light on the wall is by the Italian Art Deco designer Gaetano Pesce. The kitchen leads into the sitting-room, and both rooms are plastered and varnished with a touch of pink pigment, giving them a rustic feel.

The Provençal curtains behind the big, old, comfy sofa in the sitting-room are from the Gallery of Antique Costume and Textiles in Church Street, London, NW8, while the perforated silver blinds are modern. The carpet is an Aubusson tapestry with antique-looking floorboards underneath. The metal bookshelves are modelled on the shelves in an a French boulangerie - old, rusty and brown - and feel as if they should have bread, not books, on them. The middle light is a chrome flying- saucer by the great French designer Yonel Lebovici. And I love the 1960s pineapple light in the corner.

I also have a big garden, but I don't use it that much, although I am thinking about extending the kitchen out there. My dog Woofy is buried under the magnolia tree. We had a very touching burial service: my interior designer Ted made him his own wooden box, and I put his favourite blanket in it.

At the back of the house there is a proper recording studio, where my partner, who is a comedy writer and TV and radio producer, works. He also has an incredibly messy office on the first floor, where there are also two bedrooms and a cream-painted, wood-panelled bathroom. I used to share this office with him, but I couldn't cope with it now - my brain just wouldn't function.

On the second floor, there is the laundry room. I also use it as an archive room, where I keep a little reference library of samples of old Ghost clothes. There's even a coat from my old company Miz, from 1978. I can't throw anything away.

Next door is the walk-in shower room, which is tiled like an old English swimming-pool in turquoise, green and light blue, with a terracotta line running between the different blues.

I know that this house is hardly an interior-designer's dream, but I'd feel uncomfortable in anything other than my messy, unco-ordinated home.

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