So you want to live . . . in Oxford Street

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I take it we're talking about the London location (not its namesake in Bognor)?

Correct, the London-based Oxford Street is home to the one of the highest concentrations of large shops in the world (including Debenhams, DH Evans, John Lewis, Selfridges and other flagship stores) and it's frequented by anyone and everyone - from C-list celebs to Taiwanese tourists.

Where is the apartment situated?

Actually, there are three up for sale and they're all stacked above the ladies' fashion shop Kookai (taking up the third and fourth floors), directly opposite Gap.

So only shoppaholics need apply?

This is certain to be nirvana for retail-therapy lovers, but it's not the only selling point. These lodgings are the perfect base to visit the plethora of pubs, bars and clubs located minutes away on foot.

Are the views any good?

Simply breathtaking, according to the agent. Huge sliding windows in each apartment look over the street in all its bustling glory, displaying a panorama stretching from Marble Arch to Centre Point.

It's what on the inside that counts, so what do I get?

All flats have been completely refurbished, becoming ultra-modern two-bedroom pads, perfect for the young, free and upwardly mobile crowd. The kitchens are very Space Age, decked out in stainless-steel surfaces, to create a stunning look.

Any other details worth mentioning?

The apartments may overlook Oxford Street, but you get a Mayfair address, which the agents intimate will benefit the long-term value of the properties.

How much?

Flat one covers 1,028sqft and is £665,000; flat two at 1,131sqft is £735,000 and flat three at 1,028sqft is offered at £695,000 (Insignia Blenheim Bishop, 020-7290 2800; Wetherell, 020-7493 6935).