So you want to live . . . in the White House

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Wow, I wasn't even aware it was for sale

You're thinking of the wrong one; this equally historic (but admittedly much less significant) building is located in the picturesque village of Fairlight, four miles from Hastings.

Nice try, cheapskate. What makes it so historic, then?

Well it's a slice of modernist design It dates from 1936, and it's by an architect called Welles Coates (better known for designing the Isokon Building). These functional concrete creations were seen as the future of urban living - the property was featured in the Ideal Home Exhibition of the period, as a shining example of what could be achieved.

Is it in good nick?

It was given the full restorative treatment in the 1980s, which brightened it up a bit and, of course, an array of mod-cons were installed to widen its appeal to more than just architecture students hunting for a case study.

Is it Modernist on the inside too?

Pretty much, although slightly warmer - many of the furnishings currently there are Art Deco-inspired, as is the impressive fireplace. The kitchen, however, brings you back to the latter half of the 20th century, with granite work surfaces and the usual assortment of appliances - all in a stainless-steel finish. The three-bedroom property (one has an en-suite) also has a sitting room, dining room, summer room, roof deck and balcony. And it's surrounded by a landscaped Modernist garden, intersected with brick paths.

Any other more recent additions?

Yes; a high-end, integrated speaker system has been wired throughout, so house parties would be OK, and the windows are double-glazed.

How much?

You can own your very own White House for £550,000. Interested parties should contact the agents Rush Witt & Wilson (01797 224000).