Purple most popular color for home products

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According to an on-site trendspotter, products at the International House & Homewares Show in Chicago came in bright and bold colors, while the organic trend persisted.

"[...] The most prominent color was purple," Lisa Casey Weiss, a lifestyle consultant at the International Housewares Association told Relaxnews, adding that "several cookware companies, such as Le Creuset and Emile Henry, both introduced a new purple this year," and "KitchenAid introduced two new colors: candy apple red and electric blue."

'Green' products remain another dominant trend, according to Weiss. While houseware experts predicted this week that organic product launches would slow down in the future due to many consumers not willing to change their habits, it seems as if this trend hasn't kicked it in yet this year.

"In fact, there were far more than I had anticipated," said Weiss, highlighting serveware made from recycled coconut shells and a vacuum cleaner built from shredded cars. "Still other companies were focused not just on energy-savings or conservation by using recycled materials," Weiss explained, "but also they were focused on reducing the amount of material used in their packaging or using recycled paper to create their packaging."

Both trends of bright colors and organic products were also noted at the previous International New York Gift Fair, while many observers noted turquoise to be most dominant there.