So you want to live . . . in a former coat factory

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Any residual textile artefacts, fixtures or fittings?

Any residual textile artefacts, fixtures or fittings?

Sadly not. The art-deco coat factory in Clerkenwell, London, continued to churn out funky apparel up to 25 years ago. But following its purchase by a property company in 1995, all traces of its rich thread of heritage were removed and the place fully refurbished.

So we're looking at another Clerkenwell loft development then, right?

Hang on, there's more to this development than first meets the eye (and it's not just the wallet-bursting price either). For starters, the architect-designed interior has made full use of the open-plan design of the former factory. So if nearly 4,000sq ft of shiny wooden flooring floats your boat, you're in for a real treat.

You'll have to do better than that...

Well, for those who place entertaining at the top of their property ladder, there's a (buffed to perfection) raised stage area for impromptu concerts, and a space to the right which the agents point out - rather specifically - is the perfect size and shape to fit a grand piano.

Any more perks for the seasoned entertainer?

Well-heeled lotharios will be pleased to hear that the master bedroom suite has its own lounge area for more intimate entertaining (once the recitals are over), as well as a dressing area, en-suite bathroom and study.

Anything else to write home about?

It's rare that the bathroom is worth commenting on, but in this instance it would be a crime not to. The limestone wet room, as the agents lovingly refer to it, is both a functional and aesthetic triumph. The stone-clad surrounds mean that the whole room is basically a shower, with excess run-off filtered away. And the careful placement of a dazzling sheet of glass offers both viewing pleasure and subtle partitioning.

How much?

Sadly, such urban sophistication isn't exactly financially accessible. Warner House in Clerkenwell, central London, has been pitched at £1,950,000 through Urban Living (020-7250-1550; www.urban