So you want to live... in a public toilet

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Inner-city cistern or rural john?

Inner-city cistern or rural john?

Rural all the way. This beachside lavatory is located adjacent to Charmouth Beach, one of Dorset's better-kept secrets - until now, that is.

Picturesque then?

The loo isn't particularly, but the shingle-lined stretch of heritage coastline makes for wonderful ambling, while the jutting headlands of Goldcap and Stonebarrow offer stunning views of the surrounding coast and rural hinterland.

Any local claims to fame?

Fossil enthusiasts will certainly have something to get excited about, as the area's apparently scattered with them. And purists will be delighted to know there's even a fossil centre on the beach, less then 50 yards away - the agents say the tour's a real attraction.

So how palatial is the loo?

Not too bad actually; the slate roof and redbrick walls avoid the look of weeping squalor usually associated with its concrete counterparts. What's more, the agents reckon that the lighting is rather good, thanks to some well-positioned windows. Inside, you've got approximately 150sq ft of empty space to play with... but you won't be able to sleep there.

So what am I supposed to do with it?

Never fear, there's a lot you can do, it just requires a touch of imagination. There's planning permission to convert the toilet into a beach chalet, with a living area, toilet and a small kitchen.

How much?

The public toilet is for sale at £25,000 through Martin Diplock Chartered Surveyors (01297 445500).