So you want to live... in the Uk's tallest residential building

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How tall are we talking?

How tall are we talking?

Pretty high. West India Quay boasts a 110ft drop from the penthouse roof gardens all the way to the ground.

Views must be good, then?

Sensational, verging on the jaw-dropping once you're past the 13th floor. The agents wax lyrical about the panorama, which encompasses the snaking Thames, the bright lights of the City and even the West End. "And the sunsets are fantastic, it's like seeing a Turner painting," boasts one of the complex's directors.

So what's on offer?

Situated two minutes from Canary Wharf, London, this blade-shaped complex has quite a smorgasbord of features. You can choose from one-bedroom serviced apartments at just under 1,000sqft, to 3,000sqft three-bedroom penthouses with a fantastic 100ft roof garden. All apartments offer double-height spaces and the fully stacked kitchens are a marvel - but given that you can take advantage of the optional room service, you won't necessarily need to use them.

Room service?

But of course, sir. Lobster thermidore can be delivered straight to your door, thanks to the four-star Marriott hotel that is incorporated into the lower half of the complex, giving prospective buyers access to housekeeping, a concierge and full signing privileges in the bar and restaurant.

So this is quite clearly aimed at the well-to-do City-slicker?

At these prices there won't be a tinker, tailor, soldier or sailor in sight. For those of you with a little extra money to burn, the Wharf now offers two shopping malls.

How much?

Prices start from £550,000 for a 1000sqft two-bedroom apartment and rise to £2.5m for the remaining penthouses. Call FPDSavills on 0870 770190 or visit