So you want to live . . . on a farm

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What sort of farm is it?

What sort of farm is it?

It's a fully operational dairy farm, covering around 145 acres of grazing pasture, woodland and undulating countryside in Bayford, Somerset. Accommodation consists of a sprawling, four-bedroom, Z-shaped farmhouse, surrounded by a clutch of ancillary structures in varying levels of upkeep.

Ah, so it's not in pristine condition then?

When you take into account its age (the oldest part dates from 1670) and working life, it's reasonable to expect a certain level of wear and tear. The farmhouse's interior needs several licks of paint and there are a number of rooms that the owners haven't touched for a generation, such as the cheese room.

Cheese room?

In the Thirties, this part of the house was full of maturing cheddar. All that remains now are the flagstone floor and several cheese hooks. There's also a run-down granary attached to the property.

Any other unique selling points?

The agents are keen to promote the possibilities of the farm, other than the dairy production. Much work needs to be done to modernise and convert the various structures (the agents estimate that a further £150,000 would probably be required). However, planning is flexible and conversions could include extra holiday cottages for visiting friends, a games room, swimming pool or a variety of business uses.

So are we talking country pad for the relocated professional?

In a word, yes. There are also several thoroughbred public schools scattered around the area too, making it ideal for families. Sporting events are well catered for in the area, with several horseracing and golfing venues and the possibility of "walked-up shoots" within the grounds; that's a sort of mini pheasant hunt for city slickers.

How much will all this set me back?

It is valued at between £800,000-and £900,000 (Woolley & Wallis, 01722 424525,