Ten-minute jobs available for 'microworkers'

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As high unemployment rates present a challenge during the recession, a new website, Microworkers.com, offers simple and tiny tasks payable by the minute.

If seeking a worker for a job to be done, post the description - everything from writing an email to posting a photo to Flickr - and determine a rate of pay. Applicants respond with a bid.

Instead of hiring someone for the day when a short and easy job needs to be done, listing it with this online classifieds service connects "microworkers" with temporary bosses. Guidelines suggest that the jobs take about ten minutes and run from 10 cents to one dollar.

Workers can browse jobs, choose the work, finish the task and submit proof, and earn income. Write a review of a product for 45 cents, post an ad for 75 cents, comment on blogs, bookmark sites, create an email account, follow on Twitter, and digg a website.

Heavy on internet and online activity, it may be suitable to businesses using social networking to launch a campaign.